AVAILABLE IN ARNHEM | My experience in a home restaurant

Petra Dielman, blogger on ArnhemLife and hobbychef on AirDnD.nl, decided to give it a shot herself and booked a dinner at the home restaurant of Anneleen in Arnhem. She wrote a blog about her experience:
I’m sure you’ve all heard of AirBnB, spending a night at a local’s home instead of sleeping in a hotel. Now there is also something similar, but then in the food department!
Yesterday I had the pleasure to try out a college AirDnD home restaurant. Anneleen made me and a friend a fantastic 4 course Italian meal. We were welcomed into her home near the center of Arnhem, this was only a short walk form my home -but still, never had I been in this particular street.
The dinner table was already set and we were invited to take place as Anneleen talked about why she started her home AirDnD restaurant. A passion for cooking and meeting new people, AirDnD created the perfect platform for her to combine the two!
home table
The 4 course meal started with two fried risotto balls. Very delicious, like a vegetarian “bitterbal” ;).  A nice glass of Chardonnay brought back memories of a holiday in Rome, for a moment I forgot I was in rainy, cold Arnhem. Next up was a portobello mushroom filled with blue cheese, and as a person not too keen on blue cheese I did like it! The cheese was not too strong and as my friend and I discussed Anneleen’s beautiful furniture I took my last zip of white wine.
This, because the next course was lasagna and a red wine was suggested. One can really taste the love Anneleen has for cooking in every one of the courses! I wish I could eat here every day :).
For dessert we had a cheese cake (we would call it a “kwark taart”) in a small glass. Just lovely to finish the meal with. It was really nice to meet Anneleen, and talk over coffee before we left her cozy home.
Find an AirDnD restaurant in Arnhem:
Anneleen’s menu’s can be found here. She specializes in Italian cuisine. For us she made the “Bella Italia: grande!” menu.
Dutch dishes can be found on AirDnD too, I will cook them for you personally!
Would you also like to eat at an AirDnD some time? You can find all the listings in Arnhem here.
Other home restaurants in Arnhem can be found here.

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